Safer employees, automated HR/H&S workflows, higher ROI with our unintrusive contact tracing and return to office.

✔ From 0.25€ or 0.3$/employee.
✔ Designed by experts in world wide contact tracing.
✔ GDPR/HIPAA compliant, secure data.
✔ No devices or installations required.

Nationwide rollout at 40 locations
Integrates visitors check-in with PoS
Safe return to office planner

PandemSolutions for Corporate

Contact tracing powerful yet less intrusive and adaptable to national laws

contact tracing
  • Based on area usage, calendar data and self reports.
  • Does not require intrusive location tracing or devices installed.
  • Integrates with your security systems or wearables for additional relevant data sets.
  • Relevant data points reduce efforts and stress in case of infections.

Return to office or work from home, This is the question? We have solutions!

Work space booking tool while observing proper social distancing & sanitization rules.

  • Let your employees book desks dynamically, and easily see about who is working from home or travelling.
  • Establish rules of usage for common areas: maximum occupancy limit, break time, disinfection checklists for pre/post usage, etc.
  • Remind everyone the procedures on arrival, departure, or new area use.

area usage
checkin conf room

Reduce burden and costs for building security, office maintainance, and management.

area usage
checkin conf room
  • Give actionable information to security and avoid having sick or exposed employees coming to office.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and better sanitize by focusing efforts only on areas that have been used.
  • Easily track employees from your location or from other locations, as well as outside visitors.
  • Real-time dashboard for building occupancy and attendance history (coming soon)

Health self-reporting, if you can tap then you can do it. But still no installation required.

  • There is no sensor to capture it all: Relevant information includes distance, duration of contact, type, personal protection.
  • Multiple options to collect and store data fields as required by GDPR or national laws.
  • Simple forms that can be filled on the web or mobile application.
  • No smart phone? No problem, it works via SMS.

office 2
office 3

Multi-language interface and end to end actionable alerts, because pandemics are global

employee list
employee send alert
  • Every minute counts! Send sensitive alerts to impacted employees, managers, facility managers, HR, and security.
  • Alerts sent in the preferred language of each person.
  • Rollout checklists with receipt & execution acknowledgement.(coming soon).
  • Entire interface and symptomatology from World Health Organization are translated in the preferred language.

Ready, Set, Trace: Operationally ready in less than 1 hour!

check-in form

5 simple steps to start.

  1. Sign up.
  2. Import employees.
  3. Set areas to the level of detail you desire/
  4. Print and display QR codes.
  5. Notify your employees.

PandemSafe does not require purchasing or installing additional devices, phones, etc.

Real-time corporate-wide workforce capacity overview

GDPR compliant employee health self reporting & contact tracing
real time 2
  • Comprehensive dashboards with drill-down to employee level.
  • Flexible grouping of employees & group reports.
  • Anonymized cross-border reporting for organization or business unit executives.
  • Workforce forecast.(coming soon)

Flexible deployment: Secure cloud or on your premise>

  • Secure communications & encrypted data storage with PandemSafe’s cloud platform.
  • Easy to deploy on your premise, compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac servers.
  • On premise installation does not require Internet connectivity for daily use.
  • Rest assured with built-in GDPR compliance.


Day to day use outside pandemics

Day to day use outside pandemics
  • Obtain visitor sign in and formal acknowledgement of company’s H&S regulations, fully GDPR compliant.
  • Automated alerting by mobile app / SMS in case of an incident.
  • Integration with employees’ wearables and providing real-time, actionable information.

PandemSolutions for Hospitality

Respect the law, reduce the risks and gain new clients with minimal investment.

check-in form
carrefour scan QR table check-in
  • Contactless check in reduces the risk of contagion for employees and customers, or even closing the restaurant.
  • Signficantly reduce the followup efforts in case of a contagion.
  • Quickly comunicate with employees and customers at risk, using GDPR compliant platform.
  • Easy to link with electronic menu after check in or surveys at check out.
  • Operational in 1 Hour, no installation or equipment needed.